4 month antiquated foal?

he has diahria (mispell) what could u do for that and could in attendance be any reasons for it thankfulness melissa
Answers: First, Does this colt have access to a saline lick, and has he be licking it? If so, take it away from him, until he is elder. He may just own salt scour, from licking the salt, and after drinking too much water.

If this have been going on for any length of time, or brackish is not the culprit, call the vet, very soon. If it just started up, today, Kaopectate should find it under control. It's undamaging for foals. Draw 10cc up in a syringe, minus a needle, and squirt it into his mouth. His compost should start to firm up, and it may be quite dismal, that is majority. You may need to administer a 2nd. dose, but if it continues, beyond that, christen the vet, immediately.
I'd advocate you to call the vet. Lots of things could step wrong with a horse that young-looking.
Good luck and hope he's fine.

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