I just signed up at and I be wonder, after you clean, nurture, and groom your horse, is there anything you enjoy to do to save it? Well any tips on the hobby would be very compassionate as well. Tell me adjectives about it!
Answers: Bella Sara, receiver of Dr. Toy's Best Products-Spring 2007 and iParenting's 2007 Excellent Product, is a fantasy-horse-themed trading card for girls. These horse cards can be collected, traded or be used for playing fun games.

Not only does every card provide a positive message, it also has an activation code that allows you to put your collected horses surrounded by an online stable. Once online, horses can be fed, trained, taken care of and build up energy. You are also introduced into the World of Bella Sara, where on earth castles, forests, beach and racetracks can be explored.

Bella Sara was created by Conceptcard, a Danish company base in Svendborg contained by Septermber 2005. The initial version name Bella, which was name after the founder's daughter, was first sold contained by Denmark and other Scandinavian countries (Norway and Sweden) is now available surrounded by the US and Canada.

Inspiration to create the Bella line come, when the founder Gitte Odder Braendgaard cared for mentally disabled babyish people. Hence, Bella Sara's inspirational and shrewd messages aims imagination building and to uplifting the hearts of girls.

Visiting their website allows you to sign up as a extremity as well as start your card code. You can also access 10 games and visit the World of Bella Sara.

Parents obligation to know that Internet safety is of little concern here, since there's no path for members to chat or contact respectively other. Upon sign-up -- which kids under 12 must enjoy approved by an adult -- respectively member is given one free online horse; to affix more horses, however, members must purchase Bella Sara trading cards ($2.50 a pack; at hand are links to retailers that sell them). And simply by adding horses can member earn horseshoes, the Bella Sara currency that allows them to "buy" items to furnish their online cottages.
Families can talk roughly speaking the pros and cons of computer play. How much is OK? When is it better to play in the "real" world? The site also serves as a perfect launching pad into discussing the concept of money and spending. Families can also chat about horses and what it take to care for one. What kind of things do you do in demand to care for your online horses and keep hold of them happy? How do you contemplate caring for a solid horse would be different?

The virtual world of BELLASARA.COM is a polite, fantasy-filled place where grade-schoolers and tweens can swot about horses and the joy of owning and caring for them (virtual ones, anyway). The free sign-up get you one online horse; after that, you need to purchase Bella Sara trading cards (each one have a unique horse beside a registration code) in lay down to add horses to the virtual stable (there are parkland, air, and marine stables, depending on what kind of card you get). Each horse comes beside a positive-reinforcement message that's displayed each time you step to its stable to feed and concern for it. With each horse added, you obtain horseshoes, the Bella Sara currency that allows you to "buy" furnishings, decorations, and more for your cottage. The site also has a horse encyclopedia; quirky, kid-friendly games and online jigsaw puzzles; horse images to color (online or printed out); plus quizzes, wallpaper, and other fun stuff. Kids can even email a quiz to Sara, the young daughter of the Bella Sara founder, who owns and trains two horses. The lone downside is that if a kid is unable to buy closely of cards and add horses honestly often, he or she may eventually run out of things to do. and are similar sites that require the purchase of a stuffed animal and afterwards allow the owners to interact with the virtual version of the animals in their online world.

MasterPieces Puzzle Company have taken the plunge by bringing Hidden City Games' horse-themed Bella Sara trading cards into a virtual world for girls, part of a multi-pronged extension for the brand, which features pictures of horses and positive messages for girls on trading cards.

Now, respectively card adds a code to unlock a virtual book of the pictured horse at the Bella Sara website, and kids can also play minigames, read info and look at pictures of the Bella Sara horses and unicorns. The company explains that Bella Sara was developed by Danish social worker Gitte Odder Braendgaard to gladden young girls to express their inner health and build self-esteem.

MasterPieces CEO David Rolls said, "The positive themes and eye-catching descriptions featured throughout Bella Sara trading cards and online world for girls are a watertight fit with MasterPieces' commitment to create products that enhance children's lives, and Bella Sara provides an appealing opportunity for us to move seamlessly into the girls' craft distraction market near an established brand. MasterPieces is passionate going on for the message and obligation we hold to little girls. It is exciting to see we have retail partner who feel impossible to tell apart way."
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