Wound on belly?

my horse has a wound on her belly that merely will not heal; be there for at least possible 2 months. i think she kicked herself while rolling around. it is more of a grind that exposes raw skin. she is 30 years behind the times and i know that it takes longer for elder horses to heal, but it have scabbed over and then the scab fell past its sell-by date leaving it within the same condition. i put ichthammol dressing on it already along next to swat fly repellent for wounds. i highly doubt that it is serious plenty for a vet to look at it. is there anything else i can do to help out it heal faster?
Answers: It sounds close to a summer sore. Horn flies like to cleave up the horses bellies and then lay their eggs on it, which cause the sores to stay open and not treat. I know from experience, unfortunately :( My horse have those bald/raw spots on his belly and the vet said it was ventral midline dermatitus (caused by flies).
I spent a full summer trying to figure this one out. What worked: put some Ivermectin on it (like the nature you give out loud as a paste) and then preserve it covered. Get a flysheet that has a belly guard so the fyies won't reinfect it. It's also well-mannered to put some hydrocortosone cream (Cortaid) to keep it from itching because it can really bother them and produce them to kick at it and variety it worse.
Once you kill the fly larva beside Ivermectin, Schriner's Herbal Solution really heals it up hurried. Hope this helps!
A wound exposing crude flesh may not be able to make well without the aid of sutures or staples. How big is this sore? If it is gaping friendly even an inch the skin may not be able to grip on it's own. It is good you are treating the wound beside dressing but there is still a adjectives it could become infected. Two months is a long time to show no signs of improvement even within an older horse. You may want to try a smaller quantity moist treatment so the sore can dry out and heal better. Maybe instead of ichthammol apply wonder dust to facilitate reform a protective lode. If in another week though the wound doesn't look approaching it's even starting to heal it may be time to phone call the vet.
so she just knock the hide bad?? If so then MTG is a great product. Corona works really pious for scrapes also. Just be diligent in the region of keeping it clean and fly free. It might steal some time to heal. Hair doesn't grow really swift. I would say if it stays like for much longer just pass the vet a call. Sometimes you can merely tell em what's going on and they can convey you if they want to see the horse or not.
Best of luck.
i know in the mountains when a horse get cut we put chewing tobacco (if you try be careful cuz it sometimes spooks them from a slight stinging felling) surrounded by the cut but i dont know how well this would work on such an old-fashioned horse which that to could be a factor in why it isnt restorative properly i would call your vet and attain there warning because over all at hand the ones with the college nurture on the subject
Try some Wonder Dust. It will dry the wound up. we put it on a calf that was attacked by dogs. His wounds be deep and would not alleviate no matter what we did. The Wonder Dust did the trick. U can still use the Swat around the wound to maintain the flies off. We used it as powerfully .
That sounds more like a possible cancer nouns than a wound. Are you sure that it was an injury?

If you are positive it is an injury, nought more than fly repellent will help. If you know a doctor friend, Silverdine is my choice when I own issues like that, but its a human prescription.
Hi - I would consult your vet. If this is a wound that will not treat and it's been two months later definitely a vet requirements to examine it and tell you what is going on. At this point it could be something bacterial or fungal surrounded by addition to a wound, and some of these fungal situations can be a solid pain to clear up. It might run even an antibiotic to get it to treat.

To the person who suggested sutures or staples - if a wound is longer later an hour old, my vet won't suture or staple. In a horse this simply closes in the infection and you ending up with it re-opening. Considering this have been two months, I would really doubt that sewing up is even an opportunity.

There's a lot of medicinal products that offer "miracle stories." Personally, I'm not that sold on anything - you hold to experiment. I will throw out there this product that I'm not long using - Well-Horse.

Good luck!
You should take a long amble around your pasture and see if there is somewhere your horse have been straddling to rub her belly. I own a pony who does this and frequently rubs himself raw doing it. His favorites are low branches, stumps, and the top portion of the 3-point snow blade which is parked near the barn. He'll straddle it and rock put a bet on and forth with a look on his obverse like he might die of great pleasure. I've had to move the blade and put other things contained by the way to maintain him away from it.
You need to call upon the vet. That happend to my horse and it wouldn't heal and she other tried to scratch it and would knock bad the scab. Well, make sure the flies stay sour it or you could be cleaning a whole bunch of gross maggots out of it. BLECHHH. Call the vet.

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