Branches on trails?

Ok, I take my QH cross Rebel over on these trails, and they are horse trails becasue the four wheelers can't fit spinal column there. I surmise it is techneically on someone elses property but my friend and I are the only ones who travel back nearby. When we were riding yesterday I hit my skipper hard on a low branch. My eyeglasses flew off but I caught them surrounded by my mouth. We take the horses backbone there because it is the simply place in resembling miles that has hill. We like the hill because it makes the horses more sure-footed and builds muscle. Do you reason I should take my saw and saw bad that branch?
Answers: yes, you should as long as it is ok with the owner of the property... i wouldn't see why he wouldn't consent to you! if you are not able to, a great mode to safely heave up a branch (with others behind you, and as expected no faster than a trot) is to lift it straight up above your manager, then consent to go. it will not snap spinal column in the subsequent person's face liek it would if you hold it to the side.
You can if the owner of the property allows you to.

I wouldn't ever touch someone elses property in need their permission, even if its adjectives off some limb on trees.

Also, when I ride in reallllly timbery areas, wearing a helmet does back, you can tip your head and the helmet take the brunt.
yes you might lose your glasses or seize enven hert more. and if no one go out there on one would even awareness

If you are on someone else's property RESPECT it. You should not modify or change anything. If you are caught the owner have every right to throw you off the property and never permit you or anyone else ride there. ASK PERMISSION

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