Anyone within north interior Texas interested within playing horse soccer?

I am looking for people surrounded by north central Texas that might be interested within playing horse soccer. Do you or do you know anyone that might want to start playing.The horse kicks the big globe around. Riders go around playing arena or pasture, high fiving one another when their horse score. As in regular soccer you hold goals at both ends of the pen. 1st team to 12 win, the game have some rules, but mostly its just angelic clean fun. Not recommended if your horse is aggressive. We want everyone, including our horses locked. if interested let me know i will relate you the rules.

Merry Christmas everyone
Answers: That is a good thought. I have hear of horse soccer but have never done any research on it. You should post something surrounded by your local newspaper! That passageway you can find people locally. Sounds resembling fun. I hope you find some people to play. I would but I do not live surrounded by Texas.

Good Luck & Happy Holidays!
Ive never heard of that earlier i would love to play but i dont live in texas i live contained by florida sorry or else i would play. hope you find someone to play near.

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