Why do ancestors hold such a glum model of Mules!!?

As you all know I freshly got a Mule which I love! Whenever I explain to one of my horse friends that I got her they endow with me this look of disgust and kind of turn up in attendance nose! One of my coworkers in actuality said "what possesed you to buy an ugly mule". I logically shot back that my mule would outride any horse she have (which is true :) ) ! How do you Mule owners handle the ignorance roughly these wonderful animals? It really ticks me off!
Answers: Mules are awesome!

Tell them, "you're only just jealous of my brilliant a--"

Turn the whole "a--" piece around on them.

"I may ride a jacka--, but at least I don't work like one."

I'd love to make higher an adorable gaited mule...it's my one temptation contained by the equine reproduction area at present.

I can't keep on to read Mulereiners take on this one ;o)

Now there's a gal who know mules!
because of the term "Jackass!"
i come up with mule's are cute.if i lived somewhere where i could own one i would. glad someones sticking up for them.
As you know, mules are much smarter than horses are. That's why they have a reputation for one stubborn. Just because they won't do stupid things that people want them to do and know better, they're stubborn? Not. Mules are great. Baby mules are too precious! They hold greater endurance, too. It's purely ignorance on people's part. Try to cold-shoulder them, educate them and only just enjoy your mule! :)
For the exact same motivation so many ancestors have a gloomy image of ponies. The animals are smarter than most of the family dealing with them.
If someone doesn't approaching a mule it's either ignorance or a mule have gotten the better of them at some time.
True horsemen know the value of a honourable mule.
We raised mini mules at one time and they be the sweetest things on earth.
ethnic group are ignorant and guess mules are dirty ugly slobs. I know the sweetest mule ever
I love mules! I miss my Katie Mule so much but she be well over 50 when she go on to the big trail ride in the sky.

Show your anti-mule friends the Cross of Jesus to be exact on every mule's back - because it be a mule colt that He rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. If the mule was righteous enough for Jesus to ride next by golly that's all I want.

But seriously, just shame the ignorant - same root word - similar significance.

Love your mule and be proud of her as you should be.

I'm jealous.
i dont know, biddable question. ive never owned one, so i would never diss one.they appear nice to me. and they arent ugly. they look only just like a horse but beside big cute floppy ears. my only drive i could see is people revulsion what they dont know. like me i dont know diddly squat in the order of them, but i would ride one given the chance. i would close to to know if they can lope and gallop just resembling a horse. ive never seen them execute, just see them on trails. but what ive heard they are as righteous as a horse, and really they pretty much are a horse.
I'm not sure the real rationale for people thinking that mules are "ugly", "dirty" or "stubborn" save for the ignorance of the unknown! Believe me there are no shocking mules!! From experience, a mule will find a place to poop usually away from where they munch through if given the chance, and approaching an Arab will continue to poop nearby. And a mule will never hurt them self and they don't care how weakly you want them to, they just won't!
If someone asked me what possessed me to buy a mule (ugly or not) I reckon I would retort with, "the son of God". But that's newly me! LOL
I've grown up with mules, and love them to loss. I can't imagine my existence without a long-ear! I've have lots of short-ears, but none loved me as much as my mules do.

Best thing to do for those anti-mule citizens is to show them what your mule can do! Think the song "anything you can do I can do better!"
Good luck and Love your mule!
i don't own mules but i have hear that they are very intellegent, resembling way more than horses or something similar to that. they are also athletic, as they are one of the best stand- still jumpers (or is donkeys that are better?) anyways, they own a lot of advantages over horses. they are also especially strong!
They do? What a shame. I don't have one, but I hold no prejudiced view of them any. Just really fine animals, same as horses.
people dont close to mules because they have never be around mules! mules are known for man stubborn but there really not adjectives that bad when trained properly! they also craft exalent pack animals for trips into the montains and are very commonly used by hunting outffiters for that purpose
I don't give attention to that "people own negative descriptions of mules" is a fair statement. Many populace are mule lovers. Many are horse lovers.
I've known mule lovers who couldn't stand horses, but that's Ok isn't it?. It's a moment ago as fair one channel as it is the other, isn't it?
It's like truism some people similar to dogs best, some like cats best. That's OK too. You similar to mules, I like horses. Are you motto that I should like mules better. I'd truly never make clear to you that you should like horses. By adjectives means stick to what you similar to best. You are certainly not alone.
I am an equine artist and hold painted for the horsey set all over the country and within several countries outside the US and I paint quite a few mule portraits as okay. (They have soft sweet eyes next to lots of kind expression surrounded by them) People who love them, love them every bit as much as horse owners love their horses.
That should be fine with everyone.
I can't even instigate to understand why some population have RATS for pets. (I presume they are nasty and stink), but they do and adjectives I can say, is progress for it! So hang contained by there. Enjoy your mule!
PS: I deliberate for a mule owner to "knock" someone's horse in an attempt to shield one's mule is just as fruitless as the horse owner "knocking" the mule!
No negativity here. We sold our mule last year... Agnus (the given name fit her, lol) Anyway, miss her cute face and smart diplomacy. She was 15.2 hand and my poor dad couldn't get on her anymore, she be to good to be a pasture knick-knack.

If people that work that way have the first clue about a mule, they of course wouldn't be acting that way to you. Just try to snigger at their ignorance! Not all population can get on next to a mule, it takes a dutiful horseman to be able to manipulate and train mules!! A mule has no time for listen to people "tell" them what to do, thus a use why many can't seize along with them.

Enjoy your tentative mount, she sounds great!
I guess it is because mules are not as popular, and perhaps the not conversant people out near draw up a mental image of some stubborn little -- okay, jackass, and they relate the term MULE to what they've see in movies, tube shows, and such places.

They don't realize the versatility and beauty of mules, and they do not picture anything but some long-eared strange monster of burden.

I've never owned a mule myself, although when my hubby wanted a bigger animal to drive, I tried to turn him on to a mule - I figure their personalities would contest and they could learn plentifully from each other. He didn't approaching their size and went near a pony instead.

It's sort of a shame that mules aren't as popular, though ---- I've seen some on RFDTV doing dressage & jump and thought - holy cow! I didn't know they COULD do that sort of stuff, and they were downright awesome!

I would PAY to see a mule run up against a couple of warmbloods. If judging wasn't so excessive, there's no reason a ably trained mule couldn't pass out any warmblood - they're a short time ago as agile & athletic.
It doesn't bother me.

Becaaaaaause.. I make sure my mule is as competent as any horse we are showing against. We turn alot of head in the showring and we turn more when we win against horses. My show mule Stretch be the first mule to ever be accepted into a local drill squad here. Before they were muleaphobic, and when we have to pull out due to more saddle fitting issues, they be so sad!! They without doubt adore Stretch.

We just moved here from Western SD, and it be the same in that, lots of laughs, lots of scoffs etc. But then Stretch started placing and or unbeaten at shows and they started changing their minds. Plus the crowds travel wild for a mule, its unreal, articulate about mule groupies at the shows!!

I own had ppl craft comments and actually complain to show committees that a mule be showing. My return to them as they spout of some irrate comment is " at least my mule is solitary 1/2 *, you have no excuse". Most horse inhabitants welcome us, love to see a good mule and give attention to its wonderful. Those same ppl show at the horse shows at the State Fairs I go too and we hold a huge cheering section.

I only just attempt to change peoples minds. I trademark sure my mules are well trained for the mission at hand. My show mule is a horrible trail mule, my trail mule is horrible surrounded by town, but they each preform beside a PHD at their tasks they are trained for.

Now my donkey, he just ignore all the above counsel LOL.

Once they see Stretch in the showring, they come up and want to know if I hold other mules for sale or how much would he cost etc.
Mules are nice animals but I am a horse creature...
I find horses much more attractive than mules, something about the obverse, but they are very honest animals. People just prefer their over bred, extremely contained by bred show horses I suppose. Having a horse like that must brand name them feel superior to your unbreedable mule. Really I don't see the point within disliking them just on because, they're perfect animals.
I've never seen a mule contained by person but I judge they sound great. They look really cute and come across like outstandingly practical and sensible animals. I would love to get one but in that don't seem to be several at all within Australia. Sorry for answering when I'm not a mule owner, but I just thought I'd relay you that I think they nouns great. Aren't you going to post some pics too?
Hi there,

People don't know better or are not learned of the facts.

It is not just next to mules but with most things surrounded by life. Where you come from for instance, we've adjectives hear at least one Irish practical joke, or other nationality. But they are not a stupid culture.

Or how about bigotry more or less race or religion?

I hold had a truly revolting horse and a friend of mine has an extremely powerfully bred Arab, who has the ears of a mule. Neither of us keeping about that. Both of these horses own the best personalities.

I would in recent times tell those who deem it necessary to comment that they be jealous of the moral things my mount had to propose. Those who persisted I would find the breed standard for what ever they ride and pick their horse apart for it's confirmation fault as shown against the breed standard. I had one girl contained by tears with this. I replied when asked 'why be I being have it in mind?' That she was the one wanting to poke fun at my horse while big note hers, so I was only doing the same for her.

So long as you are festive with your different friend then what dose it concern what others think? Would you renovate your hair or cloths because of what others though... I wouldn't. So permit them have their oppinion and pace away to enjoy your friend.

Happy trails as they read out and good luck.
I LOVE MULES! People are controlling and/or uninformed and/or need to bring back out of their small corner of the world and explore.

I rode a mule named Bumpy down the distinguished canyon (He wasn't Bumpy at all though), he be the happiest, kindest most-sure-footed creature going. It was an genuine gift and elation to see the canyon on his back.

I would buy one within a heart beat.

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