Any channel to stop cribbing?

My mare cribs-even when wearing her Miracle Collar[ which by the way is GUARANTEED to work]. Please facilitate! Also please note: I want a lasting solution-not a daily cure. But anything you know please share =]
Answers: Yeah, my horse cribs through it too- guaranteed my foot. I have to use one of the free to put away muzzles on him because collars do nothing, but I know you said a irredeemable solution. We have a horse who be imported from Holland and in the past he was import he was a cribber. I guess some vet over near did a surgery that makes it physically impossible for them to crib and it works! He is totally normal- eat, drinks, and works fine. I haven't heard of general public doing it in the States or North America on the other hand though- if they do and I could afford it I would do it! But for now, the free to munch through muzzle is a lot cheaper and is an OK fix- I only just have to embezzle it off when he get grained- hay he manages fine.
My uncle is a vet contained by Calgary and he just did surgery to stop cribbing and it have great results!!

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