My Mare is Lame! any suggestions? I have the Vet Xray her! zilch found!?

The farrier put corrective shoes in the front near pads and gel full up so she's gell-in! this because another farrier took her back to far!OUCH!! she be doing so well and really feel good! consequently with the untried shoes and gel I think she may enjoy felt to obedient and hurt herself! she is favoring the right front leg She is OK at a walk (I'm not riding her!) for the most member! but still sore, I wrapped her leg for support but still sore! I don't want to keep her on Bute the rest of her existence, she's not on it now! she's 21 so thought is might be arthirtis didn't find any! I'm stumped does any one enjoy any suggestions maybe a liniment?
I'm at witts shutting! any suggestions will be welcomed, My heart go out to her I hate to see her close to this, I don't need to ride she is strickly pleasure and I'm in good spirits just anyone with her but I would resembling to ride! (:-) is bute a bad piece to keep her on? or is in that something else I can use to help her? thishas be going on for over a month now!
Answers: verbs the shoes, put her on pasture, watch her close till she moves ok and permit her retire. get a youthful horse to ride and keep her company. she's antiquated enough she shouldn't want to have to work.
any such drug is bleak. fix the problem, don't drug it.

it takes in the order of a year, for a horse to grow a new hoof. adjectives i've seen trimmed support too far were ok surrounded by a week or two.
I'm very picky and unyielding to please about farrier work and individual use the best i can find. i try new ones next to trims first before committing to consent to them drive nails contained by my horses. there's actually drastically few i want working on my horses. I can be a little more independent as i can still save a horse trimmed and don't absolutely enjoy to have a farrier to keep hold of a horse on pasture. i've never learned to staple shoes on, i can tighten loose ones and such. fitting shoes on a horse properly is an art, when you find someone really good pay cheque them extra and don't tell everyone or they won't hold time to do your horses ;-)
sounds like this horse might hold been quicked. (a pin put in towards the back or pointed wrong, going into live hoof areas full of nerve endings).
if it's celebrated or unavoidable to hold the horse on hard surfaces a right farrier will know the best thing to do after looking at her. do what he say or put the horse on soft ground, clean her hooves at smallest once a day, and infant her. she don't need exercise if she shows signs it's tender, she'll exercise as much as the pain will allow if given room to do so.
i'd expect to dally at least a few months for the dog-eared area to be regrown beside good tissue until that time using her for anything unless it's important she do a opportunity.
with no picture or mental representation for me it's really hard to guess how/if to put her spinal column to work. she's old plenty to deserve a vacation immediately, imho. i do tend to like vacation myself and highly (maybe over) recommend them.
it sounds close to she's in a righteous place, i'm impressed. i wish you could come and exercise horses here if you want to ride. i hold to pay 100 a week to go and get a good rider for colts need work. merry merry and a get all right soon for the lucky old girl. (-:
If you wrap her, don't wrap only one leg. If she is lame in the front, wrap both front legs.

Hand walking can lend a hand, do so for about 15-30 minutes to sustain circulation. You can also hose it down with cold river, and for the time being, furnish her a bute.
I'm no expert w/ horses, but I found some good vet articles that own some info for you:

Also in the furrow section try typing within: horse lameness.

It comes up with tons of stuff.
it could be the up to date shoes & pads making her lame; could be she have a hoof abscess, could be the farrier pricked her w/a nail. I would try soaking the foot, I don`t know have the farrier verbs the shoes & reshoe her the way she be prior to the pads & gel, present her time off & appendage walk with the sole purpose. My friend TB had impossible to tell apart prob w/ a hind leg when the farrier put pads & a heel pull on for the first time. She had him verbs the lift & wipe, gave him a week & he finally get back to regular.

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