Devoucox Saddles?

Right now I own a used Pessoa but my trainer wants me to buy a Devoucox (I don't know if i.e. spelled right.) saddle. Does anyone have any experience near these saddles or hear of anything about these saddle? It is so expensive so I just want to product sure that my trainer isn't just biased for some rationale.
Answers: I have this saddle. remarkably nice and feels approaching a couch after hours and hours of riding. very severely expensive but as long as you are done growing (dont know your age), it is worth it. the quality is outstanding and it will end you a very long time. i'm surrounded by love with it!
this is mine and i hold the buffalo
I rode in a couple of these saddle but ended up buying the Hampton Classic "Antares" and beyond doubt love it! If I were you, I'd theory test ride several different brands and then you wish what you like, not your trainer!

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