Are GPA helmets out of style?

I got a bequest certificate for a tack shop to take a new helmet, and the store owner told my mom that GPA helmets are out of style. She said that Charles Owens GR8 are the exotic style, with a superior safety rating and self more comfortable. Is this true, and what helmet would you get?

Picture of GR8-
Answers: in good health.. besides that some Hunter/Jumper judges don't resembling them, and that you cant use them in Higher-Level eventing, GPA's are still around and popular.

I one-sidedly have a GR8.. but i own a large weirdly shaped director. I believe they are somewhat similar saftey-wise.. but my mum sure was ecstatic when the GPA didn't fit [didnt much like the price]

Like the others said, only just get the one that fits you right.. Unless here are showing restrictions either helmet should work for you. Good Luck!

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I really don't hold a preferance, but I'm not sure if GPA helmets are out of style. I say that you should see what helmet is safer. later try them both on. one helemet might look better than another helemet. Good luck, and make sure you other wear your helmet when you ride!

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