Anyone that competes contained by 3'9 working hunter..?

Have you ever come across brightly colored jumps? I be at a show the other day (A-rated btw) and a few jump in the course be bright orange, washed out, blue, and green. I was for a moment confused because in the hunters the jump are all unconscious, duh, and these jumps be anything but. It was great because it through my hunter horses for a loop but it be odd. So own any of you who have competed contained by the 3'9 working hunter or any other hunter class at A-rated shows come across brightly colored jumps? And if so, where on earth?
Answers: Umm.. Every hunter show I've ever been to have had brightly colored jump.
Sure - sometimes they'll have unprocessed wood poles, or brush underneath, or be a roll top or a coup to simulate "Hunt" field jump - but for the most part, modern time hunter shows all hold some degree of brightness.
The bright colors aren't so much of the distraction usually as are the decorations. For the most slice horses can't see color (maybe some shades of red, yellow, spectrum, but not much else) - so usually what scare them about a leap isn't typically the color, but the business of it.. like if you own giant dragonflies hanging bad the standards, or windmills/wishing wells as standards.
It's usually that stuff that freaks them out..
The bright colors are in that for looks more than anything else.
Most of the "more natural" jumps I've see are usually at holiday themed shows, like at our Spooktacular show we'll enjoy scarecrows on the standards, and hay and fall leaves as the brush underneath the jump and use pure white poles instead of colored ones.

But yeah - this isn't surprising to me.
You'll probably continue to see this at any rate show you go to.
Brightly colored jump, all the time. My horse is in a minute bored by them, and decides he requirements to freak out at flower box jumps instead. And when he get bored of that, I bet you he'll get terrified at regular jumps because they'll expect something to change.

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