Brag 'em up time! What is the one article you can other count on your horse/mule doing immaculately every time?

My "Houdini" horse is perfect on hole and shutting the swing gates while I'm riding him. He hear either the manacle or latch, I don't have to cue him.
This might not be much to some of you, but when you own been the unintended trick rider in front of inhabitants, I am glad there are correct things I can count on being done right.
What are your stories?
Answers: my little mare is not correct. she cant ever seem to do anything right. and i can other count on that! shes learnign to become a sweet hunter mare and shes coming along nicely. she can sometimes receive her lead change and can sometimes get round. but i can count on her for the most major thing out here. shes as safe as can be. she doesnt buck, bolt, reverse, kick, bite... shes vice free. i can other count on her. i can drop my reins completely lay on her neck reading a book near my legs crossed and resting on her back and enjoy the spookies thing out near ans she just stands.

my gelding is flawless at well almost everything. hes get all the dressage stuff (shown and placed contained by the topten) up to one level up to that time olympic. i mean, when my horse get mad and tired and pretty much desires to go home and chomp through after the end of our lesson, he doesnt buck or prance, nooo. he does canter puroetes!! hes other willing to please and does of late what i ask (sometimes a bad entity if i get anxious so does he.) Hes also good at one entry and its making me feel flawless. whenever im down in the dumbs he grab the zipper of my jacket and zips it adjectives the way up previously tucking his head over my shoulder and bringing my within close. now thats gotta get anyone smile.but he has his quirk just resembling my mare. hes a chicken. he spooks at everything and stops at most jumps.

but who here really have a "perfect horse"? i knwo i dont. but i am moderately content with what ive get.
getting the pack of polos out my pocket!
(without me noticing)

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