Can anyone grant me some input about my 11 year mature mare and ambulation issues?

She was trailered around 20 miles and one day following, she has have problems walking. It is like she strained or sprained herself while riding contained by the trailer. She doesn't want to walk until the Bute take effect and then she stays close to the barn. I own been massage her and gave her Bute to hold on to her comfortable, but this has be going on for about a week. Is at hand any more I can do, or is it time for a vet check?
Answers: It may be spasming muscles from bracing herself in the trailer or it might be azoturia. The rock-hard muscles int he back nd station could indicate either.

You should draw from a blood test done to see if nearby is any muscle damage and if so, how severe it is.

As a precautionary method you should cut out any grain from her diet but maintain up fluids and ad lib hay. Electrolytes also - but it is most impressive to keep her hydrated.

My view on 'bute are well set - it's the drug of choice for these sort of problems but, if it is azoturia, it's a bad choice. Azoturia cause myoglobin to enter the blood stream which can affect kidney function - in severe cases it can raison d`¨ētre irreparable renal damage - as can 'bute. Put the two together and you double the assault on the kidneys.
You don't mention if within is heat, or swelling anywhere. Bute is not a cure-all, and will rationale intestinal problems, in the long run. After a week, it's time to own a vet-check, and find out what is wrong.

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