Buying a horse/pony - BEWARE?

I would just similar to to share my experience with you adjectives. I bought a horse for my wife who has be out of the saddle for 5 years (after suffering a psychological setback and lost all confidence etc etc). So looking for a horse on which she could use as confidence builder. Saw lovely TB mare 15.1h who seem OK and was riden. Got her home, subsequent mornin got a saddle fitter to size her, and she rear and reefed (bucked) and went berzerk. We be sold a dirty horse which was tranquilized when we saw her. The vendor will not have her put money on and has be very shitty beside me, stating I bought the horse and was lively with her, and nearby was no mention of a trial time of year.

Please anyone looking for a horse, do your homework, and ask for a trial period. It could salvage a lot of heartache and hastle.
Answers: Your story is aware,I bought a 15.2 h TB mare from a dealer,I have been out of riding for 3/4 years too so be nervous too,she be also doped, when i got her home and get on her she pig-rooted and bucked , this happened every time I get on her, eventually I decided she be dangerous,I tried to market her as I thought she needed a more experienced rider,but no-one wanted i have a good instructor come and see her,we get her in the round courtyard and taught her,and me how to lunge,it give me confidence and taught the horse some have taken 2 years but I can now soundly walk,trot and canter her as sensibly as any riding school horse.don't tender up yet but stay past the worst.get a instructor to support, also get a vet to check her vertebrae
that's disgusting,it will probably set your wife back as all right,why don't you report him to the rspca/animal welfare.

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