Aproach after a plunge and how to discapline bcuking?

How should I aproach my horse after shes thrown me? Should I just totter over to her calmly, angry, or jump catch her after yell at her or whack her or something or freshly ignore it and grasp back on. And what should I do after she bucks or have a temper tantrum should I smack her near my crop behind the leg or something and scream at her? What do you think is the best method to respond to these things?
Answers: I wouldn't get foolish at her, but just receive back on her close to it never even happened. If you don't draw from back on her she will do it everytime you achieve on her because she knows if she bucks you rotten then you won't ride her! I would only just make sure that you don't tolerate her put her head down, because a horse have a hard time bucking near her head within the air.
lol when my mare bucked me sour i couldnt get up but told someone to grasp back on her so she know she didnt win

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