Another fun quiz next to pics!?

what horse has an wonderful show conformation? choose your best answer tell me why you ruminate it has the better conformation beside the others why not?



2) what desease does this horse have? explain your answer.

3)what is wrong next to this fillys knees? explain your answer.

4) what type of bit is this and what is it used for?

5)why is this not safe? expalin your answer.

6)what is wrong next to this horse? explain

7)what is wrong with this picture? explain
Answers: 1.) A: Nice powerful hind-end, straight legs, chiseled frontage, contoured neck (several other things..but i can't remember the jargon. Its been years since I get my first degree surrounded by Equine Science)
The others have a variety of leg problems/weaknesses, and their muscle tone is lacking the areas I MYSELF would find to be most significant in a competition horse. The third horse, especially, seem to be young and still growing (bad theory to show him/her just least surrounded by my opinion.)

2.) Strangles
3.) can't see the pic (no hot-linking allowed, apparently)
4.) Wonder Bit (a gag) used for horses that are strong pullers, and for horses/activities that requirement extreme control.

5.) It should be obvious..if the horse'll turn flying (no way to control it). AND.the guy isn't wearing a helmet.

6.) Sway-backed
7.) what ISN'T wrong near this picture?

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