Breastplate or breastcollar for horses?

my instructor recently have me buy a breastplate for my horse with a standing attachment on it. what exactly does it do? i know what the standing attachment does and from what i get from another question i looked at it be to keep the saddle from sliping? i don't see why, if i.e. the case, i requirement on i have be riding my horse without one for almost the intact 5 months i've had her. but i a short time ago want to clear things up as to why she had me carry one of these. thanks.
Answers: the breastplate keep your saddle from slipping,
the standing attachment give you more control and restricts your horse from flipping its come first too far up in the upper air (usually for jumping)

for the reasons.. have your saddle been slipping more normally? Have you been doing more jump? More poles? Have you been riding more repeatedly? For longer periods of time? Have you changed saddle? Started using different saddle pads? You'll hold to ask your trainer for the exact reason.

Good Luck!
A breast collar is to give support to keep the saddle from slipping fund..

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