10 ft long leather reins?

Does anyone know of a place I can get 10 ft long leather (or leather-like) reins (western style, preferably braided). I would also prefer clips, but it is comfortable enough to put them on myself. Split reins won't work. I also do not want to spend over $20-30, if at adjectives possible.

I have search all over, and the simply 10ft long reins I have found enjoy been within some heavy rope. All leather reins I hold found were solely 8 ft or 9 feet long- too short for my elevated horse.

Any websites you know of that sells/makes them?

Thanks in finance.
Answers: http://horsemanship101.com/Catalog/John-...

how about these


or these
When I stipulation things like that, I usually travel to my saddle shop guy. I have a fitting relationship with him and return with a good buddy discount.

I hold had him get multiple custom things for me, I know these really aren't custom, but they are hard to find for that price.

But I would ring your saddle guy and talk to him also.
Here's a site you can check out. I saw some 10 ft reins, didn't look too far so I didn't see any braided ones but they did enjoy clips. http://www.hought.com/west.bio.tack.rein...

EDIT:Nevermind, forgot to look at the price but the 2nd ones Fancys said is a good Choice.
Get on ebay and look for a vendor called 'paypermoney' , she sell all sorts of reins beaded, plain, wrapped, closed, split, long, short...I bought some nice ones. Good honest salesperson too. If none on there today, look again within a week.

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