**Calling ALL rabbit owners**?

I just recieved a manly Rex rabbit from a co-worker who was going to only let him loose contained by the woods if nobody wanted him...all right, you know how that goes! Now we hold him. He's very friendly though. When he's contained by his cage he will follow you if you amble back and forth surrounded by front of it.

Here's my question:
-Do rabbits play beside toys?
-What kind?
Answers: What a turkey (your co-worker). Good item you know more about rabbits than he does (or at smallest you're NOT a turkey). :)

YES, rabbit love to play with toys! Great toys for bunnies include an vacant toilet paper roll tube any stuffed with hay or cut into rings, a pine cone, popsicle sticks soaked contained by apple juice and later left out to dry, notched craft sticks (popsicle sticks) stuck together Lincoln Logs style, newborn key rings and other rugged plastic baby toys from the 99 cent store, a straw mitt broom with the plastic/nylon stitching removed, a 12"x12" ocean grass mat from Cost Plus World Market ($1.10), a hard plastic Slinky, a roll of register cartridge hung from the cage top so he can unroll it and cleave it to shreds, or a "gift bag" of a brown thesis lunch bag beside some of these toys and a few treats inside with the top tied contained by a bow of raffia or hemp rope. Just about any store bought copycat chew toys or shredding toys work well, too.

They also love "club houses". A broadsheet grocery bag or cardboard box will do other. You can also go to a well-mannered shipping store and buy large, cardboard tubes and a rabbit will store in it or run through it. One of my clients have rabbits (I groom rabbits for people) that use theirs as a slide. The owners set in on the stairs and the rabbits clutch turns going up the stairs and sliding down the tube. How fun!

Your rabbit can live outside or inside but you'll enjoy him more next to him inside, and for a single rabbit, it's cheaper to keep him within than to build a proper outdoor rabbitry.

Find a local Rex rabbit exhibitor to use as a support and to answer any other rabbit questions. Find one contained by your area by checking out the website below. If they don't enjoy a breeder's list afterwards email the secretary for the info. She will be happy to give support to you. She will at least bequeath you the contact info for your district director.

The secretary is:

Arlyse DeLoyola
117 Allegheny Ct.
San Marcos, TX 78666
Home Ph: (512) 392-6033

Best wishes
Yes rabbits play beside toys, but very once in a while. Theyll rather lately eat and knaw alll hours of daylight long. But give them chewable pellet blocks for their constantly growing teeth, and a colourful globe. But toys are their food, not like ball n squeky toys n thjings

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