*This does nouns dumb but...* What if Pokemon be legitimate? What do you ruminate it would be approaching?

I think that if Pokemon be real, I deliberate I would become a trainer and battle and effort for em.

I am still young and culture think something like that stuff when they play the video games...

But dont you think the world is close to pokemon today? There are animals in the world and Pokemon are base on real animals... And the Centers are Vets office. And they have Contests (Pet Shows)... RIGHT!

So it may nouns a bit crazy but Pokemon does seem true except for taking feral animals putting them into small balls and battle with them thats against the tenet.

But you get what I plan right?
Answers: yeah...i have have pokemon fantasies as a little boy. Dreamt that I be one of the best pokemon trainers with a bunch of be determined, kick * troop of pokemon.

To be honest with you, in attendance have be a pokemon "theory" in consideration. It is fairly possible to transform this world into a pokemon world. I have hear that scientists are studying this miniature kind of dog where on earth it is about the size of your foot. Imagine that they can breed animals about the size of your palm. and youc an put them into a "pokebal" and scuffle them as mini pokemon. of course it wouldn't be as correct as the real, sizeable ones, but would still be entertaining right..? don't get your hopes up too much though. haha, believe it or not? believe it.
It sounds cool, all the same it wouldn't work.

Most humans prove to be cruel and over time (probably a small period of time) the "sport" would be corrupted next to an end result of something similar to ** fight or dog fights, the solely difference would be cross species fighting, much wider array of species to be exploited, and it would be legal.
Thank you so much for making my morning :D i used to be so in love next to pokemon and i would always decision that they were valid. I didnt know anyone else did. haha...i think it would be great if pokemon be real!

appreciation for posting this. it made my day.
I agree..I other dream that if they were valid my life would be so much cooler

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