Why does my horse enjoy sensitive foot on the gravel?

my horse has shoes only just on his front feet and whenever he walk on the gravel (the big ones like for driveways) he close to trips and walks approaching people do barefoot on rocks. i dont carry it cuz horses dont have fear in the hooves -- or do they...? he have shoes and it is weird cuz he go REALLY slow when walking on them. tell me whats up and what i can do to minister to. i dont go on them seriously, but they are infront of the barn and the entrance to a new pasture. he is 24 and a thoroughbred if that help anything
Answers: the center part of the horses hoof, or the frog is if truth be told very sensitive. when cleaning the hoof, you hold to be careful next to the hoof-pick not to poke the frog. the shoes don't protect the frog, just the rock-hard part of the hoof. does the horse favor one foot more than the other when it does this?
sounds similar to his feet are really tender. hold you checked to make sure he's not foundered? when my horse foundered, he couldn't hoof it on gravel at all...i speak couldn't. he just wouldn't. he would stop and turn within circles. it took him a while to get over it, but after a few months he be okay with some drug. had to make available him shots everyday. he's part arabian and someone give him corn.

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