Is dog grooming classes really worth this much?

i really perfer hand on erudition so i think online erudition is a bad model. i found the only dog grooming university in my nouns and its so much money!!
if you sum it all together i chew over it costs
around 5,000 dollars for 7 weeks of school. is it really worth it? not a soul is hiring me so i decided to bring my savings and budge to school and start my own business. unwell give you the site address and you can report me what you think.
gratitude a bunch
Answers: I have be a dog groomer for 20 years. You need to be capable of learn hand on but 7 weeks doesn't seem long adequate. Make sure you check the school out. I go to one that was really discouraging and needed to go to another. I would try to find a groomer surrounded by the area who is contained by need of a bather and work my route up. This way you can bring back hands on and revise what people resembling in your nouns.If you decide to be in motion to the school I would also find out what books and equipment is needed and purchase it on your own. That would recover you a bundle. Good luck
its worth it if u have the money, here contained by texas they have funding, phone up the school and ask if they enjoy funding for you. also, try to get a charge in a grooming shop as conceivably a blowdryer or washer. tell the owner your looking into a trade as grooming and she may let you do an occasional dog or two. Its not easier said than done to groom, its just knowing what your customers want. Good luck! online is no suitable. How can you learn how to clip a poodle online?

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