A bunch of Q's, turtles parakeets and bunnies HELP!?

okay first, turtle
i found a snapping turtle the other day almost late and i saved him, and im not letting him jump so dont say re deliberate it, what do i feed him? how big do they achieve?

second, i have parakeets i want to breed and i know they are boy and girl, what will engineer them mate?

and third, i have 2 rabbits that me and my friend plan on breeding them, they are 2 dutch dwarfs, do i seperate them within differente hutches? or mate them now?
they are surrounded by the same hutch right in a minute. theyr 4 months old

Answers: they right to be heard the best time for rabbits breed is when they are 3 months old. I estimate it will ok if you breed now even though they are 4 months hoary. yes u should put them together now. B/c if they carry any older, it will be harder for them to produce. Just formulate sure they like guzzle other first. And prepare for over 10 baby rabbits.

for the turtle, you should budge to some local pet store and ask them for some advice. They should support you.
About the snapping turtle. I know you plan to keep him, but probability are you are going to regret it. It is of the utmost importance that you research on the internet or these "answers" JUST how to lug care of him. Warmth, proper lighting, vitamins are EXTREMELY momentous. I don't know for sure what snapping turtles eat, so I won't guess. I am pretty clued-up about other turtles though. Good luck dear.
Parakeet (Budgerigar). Put a nesting box surrounded by the cage & hopefully eggs will appear. The hens cere (nostrils) will turn a ominous brown when she is in season. If the eggs dont hatch inwardly 21 days they are not fertile & throw them out otherwise the hen will sit on them. Budgerigars lay eggs every second day. You can also nurture a high ratio of millet which promotes fertility.

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