Animal conducting tests?

what is your opinion? i suggest its wrong.totally wrong.and disgusting.and it takes a small individual to perform test on animals. what do you think?
Answers: You can start by not buying products from companies that do theory test on animals. Here's a link showing which companies still assessment their products on animals. Share it with your friends to spread the word. Your a upright person!

First of adjectives, medical testing on animals can not help out a human. Because an animal had a complication to a drug it be tested on by NO means, channel a human will have like peas in a pod result. Our bodies and systems can not be compared and if you do your homework you will see that they give these poor animals overdosing amounts of these drugs/medications until a side affect/complication is observed. Then want it can happen to you too. I undesirably had to be on a medication for a medical problem while I be pregnant. It was a hold it or die situation, so I did of course. I be terrifed my entire pregnancy because my OB constantly reminded me of the birth defects that they enjoy seen surrounded by pregnant animals that were given this med. I researched and talk to many scientist specialists over the phone to find that, and I quote "We hold only see these birth defects surrounded by animals on this medication and never to date is there a human assignment with the said birth defect associated with this medication", your toddler will be fine" Guess what she was ultimate, and she still is 9 years later. We adjectives can't stop having medical treatment or seeing our doctors, but don't support this issue. Watch a video on animal carrying out tests and see the torture for yourself.
You would prefer they did the tests on humans? What big-hearted of person are you?

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