Animal Lovers...I travel beside my cats & wish nearby be a restaurant that have pet sitting.R in that any?

I only stay stay @ Pet Friendly hotels/motels/Inns.
Answers: Check out for hotel listings (you can query by state and even city), though be sure to tell the establishment that the site sent you so they can seize proper credit.

And for restaurants, you can state-search at and and a few other places, at least that are allowing dogs. Travel near cats in such a course is unusual... so most pet-friendly places will probably also have dogs, which might upset the cat, so keep that within mind. It's harder to find results specifically for cats since that's so rare. But of late google the phrase "pet friendly restaurants" (with the quote marks for accuracy) and you should know how to find a decent amount. As other though, call ahead and check to net absolutely sure the info is still valid so you don't achieve kicked out.
no resteraunt will let a cat come within because of there mane and peopel could be allergic and all theese other reason

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