A friend's rabbit up and died yesterday, does anyone hold idea's?

My friend's rabbit died last darkness. She called me Friday truism it had really smelly diareah. I advise her to check for dehydration and take it to the vet's if it be indeed dehydrated. Today I get a call saing she have died last darkness. She feeds it alfalfa and pellet with freash veggies. She is really perfect about kindly for her animals so this was rapid. The vet said it must of eaten something. Its house raise and watched vigilantly when loose so not sure this is the cause. Any suggestions?
Answers: I'm totally sorry to hear about your friend's loss.
True diarrhea is exceptional in rabbits - if it be smelly it was probably an over-production of cecal pellet.
Unfortunately without a great deal of previous vet visits/diagnosis, it's next to impossible to share what the root cause be. It could have be anything from the wrong kind or excessive gut flora (bacteria), a (mostly) inherent disease found in English Spot's particular as megacolon, or a toxin.
I would recommend, if she has other bunnies, to find an emergency (bunny-savvy) vet hospital - once a bunny in reality lets you see that something is wrong near them, time becomes a massively critical factor in their keeping.
Again, my deepest sympathies to your friend.
it may have eat something too toxic for it. If it ate a mushroom, even a store bought one, that may be why. hope i helped :)

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