Best small pet?

I was freshly wondering what the best small pet is, like a rabbit or hamster, any opinion would be greatly appreciated!
Answers: Not a rabbit. They cost as much as a dog, and are about as much work. Thie shut within, bedding, food, the list go on and on. It's expensive, and alot of work for a kinda unrewarding pet. They are pretty dumb and hate one held. If you want a pet that can be held, you are not really going to find one. A hampster is fun to play with, and relatively inexpensive.
A Zebra Finch! They require little maintenance. The are lively and and so entertaining to watch.

Hamster's cage can stink after only a week. Most of the time, they sleep, so they are not as entertaining as Finches.
Kids. Eventually they help clean up the dishes.

Well, it really depends on your lifestyle.

How long are you gone for in the future?

How much money would you like to spend on the pet respectively month?

How much research are you willing to do?

Would you not mind cleaning a shut within?

Are you willing to play next to the animal everyday? Or, as needed?

Think about these question, first, and then post another quiz with this added details. Or, you can email me at:, and I can comfort you out there!

I hope that I help! Thanks, and, good luck,

~ Future Vet
when i be little we always have Guinea pigs they were really soaring maintenance have to clean them nurture them and look after them ..
so i think cats are the best animal they are independent lone relying on you to feed them and if they call for anything they come to you :)

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