Am i too big for this pony?

okay so i am going to buy a horse within the subsequent month... it is now between two ponies... but the entity is is that i am tall. i am 5'5 but with the sole purpose weigh 100 pounds.. so i guess i look smaller. one of the ponies is 14 hands and the other is close to 14.2 hand.
i need to know whether or not buying the 14 foot pony will make me look desperate and interfere with shows.
Answers: I don't regard as that you will look bad.
Have you ridden respectively pony? What do other people that own seen you ride the ponies utter?

You should be fine with any - 14hh and 14.2hh are decent sizes. Then again, I've grown up working Arabians, so a great deal of my horses haven't been much larger than that - and I hold seven inches and almost 100 pounds on you!
Bear in mind that when it comes to horsemanship, I sort a pretty decent infantryman.

However, at 14 hand or more, these little horses are at the top end of pony classification. If you've pretty economically reached your full growth, they should be alright. If you still hold lots of growing to do, I'd say shift ahead and get a full-sized horse.

You didn't read aloud what sort of shows you intend to enter, whether it is formal equestrian competition or Western-style, such as barrel race etc.

At the moment, I think you will look virtuous on your 13 hand pony. But if you grow another five to eight inches and put on another fifty or sixty pounds over the subsequent few years, I believe you will outgrow the little horse. So if you have more growth to look forward to, draw from a bigger horse.

Just the opinion of an ill-informed dated buzzard, but it is my opinion.

Hmm.. ably, I'm not sure about interfering beside shows, as far as I know there aren't any regulations give or take a few size of rider/pony, but I don't know whether they will take bad just for appearance.. Just from personal experience though, I'm in the region of 5'3" and I rode my 14 hand pony mare up until a few years ago, and my Appaloosa mare very soon is only 14.2. I guess I'm gentle of prone to small horses, but I'd say if you get hold of along well beside the pony, then don't agree to size stop you! :)

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