Any vet techs or veterinarians? I have need of suggestion!?

I have my associates scope and currently work as a paralegal. I am unhappy beside my career and am thinking more or less deviating back to what I hold always thought roughly doing, vet tech or veterinarian. I just want to do something that help someone, or some animal, and I want to feel expert at the end of the light of day. I have other been an animal lover. The single thing that stopped me beforehand was that I thought I love animals TOO MUCH. But I am pretty sure, after considering this again for a year, that I want to work for the benefit of animals.

So update me about the positions of vet tech, veterinarian, and also animal behavioralist/trainer. Can someone near knowledge and experience contained by these fields please relate me a little more or less it. What are the educational requirements? Is the income good? Is it a intricate fielf to get into?

Any info is greatly appreciated!!
Answers: My mom is a vet tech and I hear her sermon about her profession all the time. There be no educational requirements for her undertaking. She began working at hand as kennel staff and worked her way up. She have been doing this for 6 years presently, and she loves it. She says that anyone who puts that they love animals on their application is ruled out. It is great that you do, but she see many of the dogs who she have taken care of for 6 years die and next has to fetch them into the freezer. You have to be organized to handle that sort of entity. You also need to be geared up for heavy lifting, some of those dogs are huge, and it is your undertaking to lift it to assist the vet. I can't serve you with the stipend part, but accurate luck!
you would have to own a medical class for vet tech. they would teach you to do injections, anatomy and psyiology. Vet techs usually dont cause much money, in my experience they be paid alot less than nurses do near the same training. I did the class a few years ago and be unable to find work. Im in a minute in the communications area.

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