Another Option to Spaying and Neutering animals?

I was wondering why hasn't birth control for aimals be created. Why can't scientist create a pill to give animals so they won't get hold of pregnant, a pill that basically make them un-furtile, as another optin to Spay and Nuetering? Wouldn't it be better? Or would it be worst? Itsn't that another option to control the animal population?
Answers: It have been created. It's currently anyone tested for controlling the deer population. I'm not sure exactly what it's all going on for, I'd assume you'd have to bestow them the birth control repeatedly. But I don't know what I'm talking just about. I do know that it does exist, though.

Many people own a hard time remembering to bequeath heart worm pills once a month, how would the do giving a pill daily? Besides, birth control pills are not 100% effectual, spaying and neutering is.

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