About My Horse Trotting.?

When I Trot On My Horse In A Lesson She Is Quite Slow When At The Front, And She Tends To Stop A lot And Trot Pretty Slowly. But Soon As I Get To The Back Of The Ride She Speeds Up And Goes So Fast Its Hard 2 Stop Her.
She Goes So Fast She Overtakes A lot And I Have To Do Circles.
I'm Confused Because She Hates It At The Front But At The back It Seems She Wants 2 Be In front Again.

Answers: Horses are smoothly competitive animals. So when your horse is in the front, she see no reason to speed up because at hand is no competition. When she is at the back, she'll speed up because she desires to be out in front.
When you are at the front of the stripe, keep constant pressure against her sides to speak about her to keep the step. You could also carry a crop (if you don't already) and a moment ago tap her helpfully when she starts to slow down.
When you are at the back, rein her contained by and keep a tighter grip on the reins to remind her that YOU are surrounded by control.

Good Luck, I hope this works for you!
they like to be ahead of adjectives the others

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