How to get rid of a moose that has got in my house?

its not a pet
Call Animal control or the police.
omg! YOU SERIOUS!? DANG! i dunno! srry!
I hope you mean a mouse! A moose would rip right through your walls and be gone by now.
I would lure him into the kitchen and then kill him there. Moose are very good to eat and if you kill him in the kitchen you can just slice a piece off every few days and cook it without having to carry it very far.
Call the police!
You must have a very calm demeanor indeed, if you're sitting at the computer typing questions on the internet with a moose wandering about the house, destroying everything. Odds are it got in by a door left open, and that's your best bet for getting it out. I hope for your sake that you meant "mouse", not "moose".
I am cracking up at the image of a moose loose in your house, so the first thing you do is go to . Thanks for the laugh.
Wow and I thought I lived in the middle of nowhere a moose hu? Leave the doors open maybe it will walk out good luck cleaning your carpet!!
Dang!! That's seriosly funny. But don't kill it, it's wrong and cruel. I'm sure it doesn't want to be in your house just a much as you want it gone. Just grab some food it might like. Then lure it into your backyard. then call police or animal control. (what is 'moose food" when you think about it)
i think i would get out of the house and call 911 for starters
Are u serious? A huge moose just running around ur house. LOL!
That's good - a pet moose can be very dangerous! I'd just leave the doors open and wait until he leaves on his own!
hmmm i cant say i've had that problem the police for help. but if you had a typo and its actually a "mouse" then i would get a broom and kill it, then simply pick it up and throw it out!
Well, first of all get yourself a few mouse traps. If this don't work then if possible get a cat. Good luck!!

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