Animal rights..?

We all make conversation bout animal rights eh? humans mistreating animals blah blah but HEY didnt the animals lose their rights once we started taming/owning them? shudnt they be out there contained by their natural habitat roaming freely, biting humans etc? we influence that we love our pets but how do we no that they love us bac? jus coz they follow us around/lick us/ do w.e we tell em to? we buy em a sweated during winter but FOR PETES SAKE wat if its itchy?
Answers: your right...but the animals weren't only just tamed or owned...they were domesticated.we breed them to what we desired within them and have done so for thousands of they enjoy we have a responsibility to rob care of domesticated animals because its humans that made them not sufficiently expert to survive in the extreme.and sometimes that means not letting stupid humans hold pets ..i don't believe in animal rights but i also don't believe that any creature should hold to suffer
Mabey dogs are evolving to be more like humans, contained by a sense de-volving in lingo of survival in the frenzied enviroment. Alot of dogs are cross breeds, and don't even have fur to hold on to them warm, so they would probably appreciate the wool sweater. I conjecture then that you hold an important point. We enjoy kinda done them a disservice by making them dependent on a system which will likely crumble.

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