ANIMAL CRUELTY! who is sick beside animal cruelty? And enjoy you ever see anyone be cruel?

It is sick! How can people buy pets freshly to neglect them or mistreat them! i own a gorgeous staffordshire bull terrier and i have never misstreated her surrounded by fact the worst article i have dne to her is not put your foot her for a week but that was for her own well-mannered when she broke her leg trying to jump the balustrade into next doors garden and still feel guilty for not walking her. i love animals and it makes me sick to see and hear in the region of people miss treating them! i enjoy seen general public be wicked and horrid to animals delirious and domestic and even though i am 15 and its not my dog i still feel upset and angry next to the people doing it! i hold had a walk at 7 people this year who hold hit there dogs near leads sticks and fist merely because the dog never came rear when it was called- if they dont want the pets to run rotten train the pets properly and walk them more habitually as this would keep them delighted with the nouns and not run off as much to explore. i am merely SICK of people misstreating animals!
Answers: Animal cruelty is plenty to make my blood boil!! I've see someone punch, kick and trounce a dog with the stick and I've told them that if I see it again, I'm going to report it to the RSPCA. Strangely adequate, I haven't seen the dog or the owner since!

I know around a cat that's never allowed in the house and a dog that might obtain taken for a walk once a week! Nothing wrong near the dog that I can see - just the owners are too damned inefficient to take him out more recurrently! Both the cat and the dog belong to the same creature.

People wonder why some animals (dogs in particular) turn aggressive! They've every right to turn aggressive the path some of them are treated by their so called owners! I cried when my Veiltail Blue Ram Cichlid died a few weeks ago! If I thought I'd if truth be told caused the fish's suffering and loss, I wouldn't be able to live beside myself! Same with my own dog! He only has to totter and I'm on the phone to the vet!

People who mistreat animals deserve to have matching thing done to them! End of! If they pulsate a dog with a stick, they should be overwhelmed with a stick themselves! If a cat is disappeared outside of its house to fend for itself, the owners should be forced to live outside too - with the house boarded up to stop them getting contained by!

It makes me sick to see or hear roughly speaking the way some animals are treated and it give the rest of us a bad designation! Maybe if owners knew they face the same treatment they make a contribution their pets, they'd stop to think roughly what they're doing.
they should be shot, if your not gonna treat an animal properly you shouldnt have one!

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