Animal miracle?

We were within the deep, pitch-black woods of Washington State. A very skittish dog be around but could not be touched. He would run when we even looked at him. Long story short, we got a tremendously creepy feeling walking final to the road - like we may be surrounded by danger. After we prayed for comfort, the dog right away showed up again and "heeled" with us as if he have been trained to do this adjectives his life. When our ride showed up and the dog run away. What a comfort he was to us when we needed it! What is your animal miracle? It could be anything. I'd love to hear it.
Answers: Hi Amber...I enjoy a client who has a cat which would other nibble and paw on her arm and she never know why. Come to find out after a few episodes of dizzy spells preceding a black out and seeing several physicians next, she discovered her cat was advisory her of an oncoming seizure. Her cat would other know when a seizure be coming and could help tip off her so she could take her medication.

Animals are such a blessing within so many ways. Their sixth sense is truly incredible as well as special.

Have a worthy holiday!

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