After a see my horses leg swelled up?

i have a horse name teddy tolerate and she is a gamer she was a rodeo horse ans other got first place okay just concluding year i was at a unbiased and i was doing barrels and when we be done i noticed that her leg be swollen and she was limping really fruitless now she is retired but the lump and the swollen nise is still nearby what does that mean. what shall i do. my mom think it is arthrites but i am scared that it is cancer because explicitly what my dad says.
so please answer
Answers: It must be swelling from running and not cancer.

Your mom may be right and it could be arthritis.

Have your horse checked out so you can be locked!

good luck!

I love horses!
Best item would be to have a vet steal a look, are you sweeting the leg at night? If so dose it shift the look or swelling? Have you try pultus raps?. She could hold pulled a tendon?

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