Animal Activist Tatto?

Okay, so I wanna get a tatto going on for animals on my wrist, nothing too big or too small. I'm an animal campaigner, helping animals out one step at a time. Im 15. I'm allowed to get a tatto, if I discharge for it myself, and my mom said only on my wrist. If anyone have any ideas for a picture or a motto please help me out, gratefulness. (And please don't judge me because i'm 15 gonna procure a tatto, at least its a tatto that money something and not some tramp stamp)
Answers: why dont you get a tattoo of your favorite animal?

or budge to

they have some little pictures for stencils but they are cute.

and anybody who courts you for being 15 and getting a tattoo is stupid, in that are worse things you could be doing. and good living on helping animals.
I would go for Ahimsa symbol.
Ahimsa is a rule of conduct that bar the killing or injuring of living beings - hence, animal activist would be appropriate. Here is a interconnect to a symbol...

good luck!
in recent times google "tattoo" make sure you spell it right, and it will bring up adjectives kinds of sites you can shop tats online consequently find what you want or get concept and draw out or print then show the artist who is gonna do your tat and they will finish it!!

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