Why does PETA?

Why does PETA feel it is important to do acts against humans to brand their point? Why do they think it's okay to assault children by giving them flyers of gross content and call their parents murderes to spawn their point? Why can't they help animals on the other hand respect humans at the same time.
Answers: Needless to speak that PETA is extreme when it comes to education but they are not the most extreme, that would be the ALF (Animal Liberation Front). I don't believe they are abuse children, they are just trying to instruct and it is best to educate kids at a babyish age and instill in them compassion towards animals. As far as calling parents murderers, that's a moment or two too much. They are not going to gain support by doing that---your question is a prime example.
Good grill. Have you thought about putting it to them but keeping your self animus.

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