A bunny contained by the house?

I am seriously considering getting a "house rabbit" and was hoping for some pro's and con's from those of you who own had experience. One of of my chief concerns is odor.

Answers: This article say it all for why to save your bunny indoors:
Ours live in the kitchen surrounded by a bunny proof space and they come out to play when we are home. Rabbits can be litter box trained and if the box is changed regularly there is no smell. We use cat litter box feint with broadsheet and topped with hay.
People who call in can't believe we have two rabbits.

Like cats, rabbits are other cleaning themselves and very verbs animals. If you get a bunny own it spayed or neutered - it will support with behavior. Sometimes a rabbit specifically not spayed/neutered will have a stronger smelling urine.
The links below own good information on rabbits - their contemplation and behavior.
a bunny in the house dont verbs madam iwill help you

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