Animal sexuality? this is a serious query. i be so freaked out the route my dog get an erection at times?

when i am playing with him??

or he sit and looked at me once and he got an erection... next i left for 2 sec merely to test him out and when i come back the erection be gone?

why is this? is this normal? i once read a story of a woman who be killed by a elepant(or som life-size animal) stamped on her as he was trying to hv sex?
Answers: Animals own no inhibitions. I worked next to a Monkey Import/Export agency a long time ago and a Rheus Monkey (tiny no bigger than a kitten) jump on the female assistants Head and raped her ear!

To him it be similar to a Female monkey! So don't expect animals to behave. You dog may get excited and rape your leg in the future! All dog owners know this.
It's normal for animals to gain excited, you will have to distract him from trying to hump you though,lol. Get him "fixed" too, that will pilfer away most of it.

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