Animal foul language!!?

My cousin had a hamster, which he soon get bored of. So one day he grab the hamster and throw it over his balcony. Being the animal lover that i am i be extremely mad at his arrangements and told him that was extremely cruel. The question i would like to ask are if the hamster could own have possibly survived the spill out. Also my cousin now have a baby beard dragon, and i'm worried about it's vigour and safety. he have the dragon in a small 10 gallon reservoir with just a aquarium light, and it have nothing to climb on and play beside. i'm afraid that it will die and soon. Neither him nor his mother will listen to me, even though i've had a mali uromastyx for something like 4 months now! my cousin think that everything he does is right and that everyone else is stupid and doesn't know what they are talking give or take a few. I'm afraid that he will kill it from deficit of heat or possibly it could share like fate as the hamster. What can I do if not a soul will listen!!??
Answers: You can definitely telephone the humane society. They can go over and check out the claim and assess the situation. If its a situation to be precise not right for the animal, they can remove it from the home.
Goodness, that is grisly. How far up was the veranda (2nd story, 3rd story, etc)?
Your cousin is horrible for doing those things to the poor animals. The bearded dragon really wants a bigger tank and things to climb on and what not.
Have you told his mother what he did near the hamster? It seems resembling she would not allow him to have anymore pets after that.
You could call upon your local animal control/ASPCA chapter and they can definitely upset him into properly caring for the animals.
you can totally ring the humain society. thats not right if your going to have a pet you call for to properly take concern of them. good luck. i know its tricky because he is family and adjectives.

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