African come to rest snails?

My snails have mites, tiny white dots that move enormously quickly. I hold rinsed the snails down gently near luke warm hose down and changed the soil but they still have them. What can I do?
Answers: According to South's Terrestrial Slugs: Biology, Ecology and Control, the mites are feasible the trombidiform mite, Riccardoella oudemansi, if on slugs and R. limacum, if on snails. These mites have a general host range, next to 31 species of slugs and snails listed, on which the mites may hail as home. Although the mites can be found off their host, they remain surrounded by the vicinity of the slug or snail, finding their host by following the mucous trail present. The mites label their living by piercing the tissues of its host for a bloodmeal. More information and a nice line drawing of an infestation can be found contained by the on-line article, The Slug Mite Riccardoella limacum (Acari: Ereynetidae) in New Zealand by Barker and Ramsey. [link currently ruined. Will keep searching]. Very cool similes are at the website pet snail & slug problem mite page.

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