Please facilitate!?

ok i own a pet rat and it poops and pees( sorry for language :( ) and i want to know if theres homemade spray or somthing that will spawn the smell go away becuase it smells REALLY BAD
Answers: Well that's what adjectives animals do...they poop and pee. Make sure you clean out the enclose regularly, and this includes scrubbing it down next to a bleach solution once a week. If its peeing and pooping outside of the cage, net sure you don't leave it unattended, and it shouldn't be a problem.
There is a spray you can grasp for rodent deodorizing that you just spray on a cloth and rub on here fur. I can't think of the nickname but any pet store should have something similar. Be sure to verbs the cage once a week and that will aid keep the smell down.

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