....My horse..?

My horse is getting bored jumping small jump, but we have to thaw up over small jumps to kick bigger jumps but when we bring to 2"6 She is tired and dosnt wanna jump anymore. Would It be ok to heat up over 1"9 or something?

She is getting bored jumping anything beneath 1"9 Do u think a 14'3 Arbra could ump 3 foot she is in shape and a immensely good jersey?
Answers: A 14.3hand horse can easily go underwater 3'. There are ponies in Europe that step 4'6" in competition...and they are roughly speaking 13.3 to 14.2 hands.

As far as keeping her interested. Instead of moving the jump up, ask her for more complex moves over smaller fences. Make her REALLY reflect on. Try doing "bounces". this is where you set up the jump to where you own a row of 4 with 1 stride between them. This process she has to rate attention to her feet and devise. Ask you trainer for some other things you can do as well.

If she is getting tired, a short time ago warm up over 1 or 2 jump, then she will enjoy energy for your work.
you own a horse? wtf

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