Why are litters of mice call kittens?

Answers: I'm not sure, but there are plenty of newborn animals called kittens. Baby cats, babe-in-arms rabbits, baby beavers, etc. So it's not an exceptional thing or related to cats contained by anyway.

Baby mice are also called a pinky or a pup, males are bucks, and females are does.
-blink- Never hear that one before.

All files and people I know telephone them "pups".
The same reason their Daddy is a buck and their Momma is a doe. Some scientists contracted to call them that. They are also call pinkies or pups.


Btw, kittens are also: baby cats, babe-in-arms beavers, baby rabbits (also bunnies or kits), babe-in-arms squirrels, and others.

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