Ferret licence?

hi i live in victoria, australia.
i would similar to to get a fettet but hear you need a licence where on earth i live...
is this true
and if so where can i gain one...

i would also like to know what it is similar to to own one because i have never have one before?
so if anyone have any tips for keeping one...
please reply too
Answers: Hi
I've had both manly and female ferret, Ferrets body order smells pretty desperate, not as much on the female as on the mannish but you can bathe them near either tearless babe shampoo or ferrets shampoo, also the Female ferret tend to be nippier than the males but cleaner both my males went the bathroom out side the litter box and adjectives over the cage which be a mess to clean put the females did not they single went inside the litter box. I feed my ferrets Purina kitten chow because that's the simply thing I could get hold of them to eat also pet store said that you can nurture them cat food I used clumping cat litter in the litter box solely and pine bedding on the bottom of the cage ferret love hammocks so I had a couple of them contained by the cage also ferret are very curious creatures they love to win into thing, also you can meander them on a harness. About the license I guess ask the person whom your getting it from conceivably the pet store oh yeah the male ferret are alot bigger then the females
I don't expect you need a licence contained by Vic, but they are illegal contained by QLD and NT. I live here and have have a few pet ferrets lacking a licence. Check out the following site for info: http://www.vicferrets.org.au/info.php...
ferrets are awesome.
I don't know how things are as far as authenticity in Australia as I am within the United States, but I can tell you how owning a ferret is since I own three of them and enjoy been a ferret owner for 3 years. It's tricky work. It's rewarding, but it can be hard and at times it can try your tolerance. Not only do you hold to scoop poop everyday, verbs the cage at smallest once a week, clean their ears at most minuscule once a week, trim their nails once a week, ferret-proof your home because they WILL go and get into everything, and spend a lot of money (cage, hammocks, toys, vet, etc) but they are impressively inquisitive and persistant animals and can be stubborn. It can be hard work to nip train them, litter train them, and acquire them to stop digging in your mat and into your furniture, not to mention following you around and trying to make a break for it when you unstop the door to the room they are allowed to play loose in. They try even my tolerance at times.

But like I said it can be rewarding and I love my little fuzzies even if they do drive me nuts sometimes.

If you are seriously thinking almost getting one, I suggest really doing your research first. http://www.ferretcentral.org is a good site to read and start beside and if you get the Books for Dummies down nearby I recommend getting Ferrets for Dummies. Really do your research. And try to adopt from a shelter or a reputable breeder. And try to get an developed. Kits are really not good for first time owners.

Good luck!
I love my two ferret. Mole (girl) and Wart (boy). They are wonderful. Just make sure that you nurture them ferret food as they need a high protien intake. Also, they have ferret vitamins. I use those too. Other than that...they are jammy to take aid of. If you them them run loose, watch your cords and mat...they do chew and scratch. Have at smallest one ferret proof room for them to play in. Mine use my art studio as I work on a stool at a table and adjectives my supplies are out of their reach...and my storm lantern and cord are off the floor. There is no other furniture contained by that room. Except for their ferret houses...like cat houses, singular smaller holes. And their jungle gym. They love it. Sorry I am in the US so I can't oblige you about the license item...I do know there are states here surrounded by the US that won't let those have ferret. Best wishes to you =)

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