Any websites for instructions on building your own ferret pen?

Answers: O.o - Chicken wire isn't apt for anything - even chickens! 16-gauge welded lead mesh is safer.

You need to save in mind that wood soaks up urine - a ferret urine can be strong... >.< You can use an unused entertainment center and cut holes through the dividers beside tubes or ramps for them to grasp through. Just place linoleum (secured well) lining respectively level. Attach the weld wire to the front and subsidise and add a door to respectively one. This is easier than it sounds. You just build a small frame larger than the hole contained by the door. Make sure the door is large adequate to fit all your supplies, such as the litter jar, food dishes, hammies, and ease contained by cleaning. Clip on some of that edging used for posters cut to size for the doors - and the door entrances. This will keep sharp edges covered. The ideas are unrelenting! You can often find cheap pieces at courtyard sales or even try you local free-cycle group,

The instructions I own seen don't enjoy much in picture tutorials - and some be not easy to read. If you go to an actual ferret forum there would be someone who could guide you surrounded by the right direction if you want more help...:-)
dig out on google.
Or buy a possum trap and customise it. Its easy.

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