Animal/Pet Magazines?

What are some good animal or pet magazine? Also, any good books on space a rescue?
Answers: Gosh, there's so many! If you're within the States stop by your local Petco - they carry abundantly of them. There's Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, Ferrets Magazine, magazines for specific breeds of dogs and cats, reptile magazine, etc, etc, etc.

As for opening your own rescue start first by helping out at your local shelter. Shelters cost a fortune to run and unless you're a millionaire you'd be relying on donations from nation to help foot the bills. And unless you set yourself up as a not for profit corporation then you'll be subject to state and federal taxes for adjectives of those donations.
You don't say what animal/pet or what country...adjectives of that would help pin down your requirements...

...but here are some UK ones.
Horse & Rider
Young Rider

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