Abused Animal Commercial On Animal Planet!?

don't you think it is so offended. I just can`t bear watching it.
Answers: Yes, thats funny that you ask that. I just asked my friend the other light of day if he cared at adjectives about animals or if he of late doesn't pay attention. He said, "I don't approaching when animals are abused but it's not a huge deal to me." It's funny because copious people merely ignore it because at hand are bigger problems, but somebody has to watchfulness about them! Some animals are bred for animal carrying out tests and lab work. I am not an animal rights activist, but I believe that no living item should deserve a life of captivity and/or suffering. Everything deserves a arbitrariness to live. Yes, it is very distraught.
Welcome to my world. We deal near this on a regular basis. The most recent is a backyard breeder beside 9 pit bulls I'm working with very soon - all within various stages of need care - one insensible dog in the middle of the patio. So many population are of the mindset that if they don't see it - it doesn't bother me - therefore I don't necessitate to react. This commercial is a wake-up beckon. These things happen - and it breaks my heart.

Offer to give a hand - donate money, food, supplies or time. You'll be doing a greater good for the animals who share our world that get the short end of the stick.
I foster animals for the humane society and it make me so angry when I see animal abused or neglected. The commercial does make me angry in the order of what people do to such sweet creatures.

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