About hedgehogs?

I was wondering if you could buy hedgehogs contained by Canada? I live in British Columbia, Canada. I really want one and they are the cutest things. Please facilitate me on this! Thanx-a-bunch!
Answers: Cool! I live in british Columbia, Canada too! Unfortunately hedgehogs cannot be purchased surrounded by Canada :( I recently found out that they own the DHX and are no longer being held for merchandise. Which is in actuality better becasue hedgehogs have be kept in pet stores for over 7 years, but in a minute that they have the DHX, they can no longer hold hedgehogs for merchandise. If you budge to Vancouver in Canada the store Much More Dogs, have the information pack on hedgehogs. I hope this helped!
Yes you can. check some sites of hedgie breeders and nearby are some in Canada I assume.

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